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What Is Unconditional Self Acceptance?

There could be many equally correct ways to define 'Unconditional Self Acceptance!'

  • You may compare it to Forgiveness.   'A Course of Miracles' emphasizes forgiveness as perhaps the most important spiritual principle.  Self Forgiveness is certainly a road to Self Acceptance.

  • Or compare it to Self Love.  When true Self Love is understood as humble - not Narcissistic or self-aggrandizing - then Unconditional Self Acceptance can be compared with Unconditional Self Love.

  • Another way to understand Unconditional Self Acceptance is to compare it to something which stands in contrast to it.  For example, put it in contrast with Perfectionism:

Perfectionism:  Seeking acceptability of Self by striving toward a perceived state of perfection that does not exist and can never be reached creating perpetual unacceptability of Self.

Unconditional Self Acceptance:  Accepting Self as it is, knowing that Self always is perfect and acceptable.  There is no betterment to strive for other than for the sake of the joy experienced in learning to master and excel at new things.


Why Unconditional Self Acceptance?

Why unconditional self acceptance?  Well, let's ask another question.  What is the source of happiness?  We may say we'd be happy if we were rich, if we got to travel to all the corners of the globe, or perhaps if we had true love.  But really, the only way to lasting happiness is to accept ourselves, AS WE ARE!

Because maybe you are rich but you're also gay and an only child and haven't been able work up the courage to tell your conservative parents, who will surely expect you to marry and rear a family.  So you are still miserable.  And perhaps you've been to every country in the world and discovered that you still haven't found yourself anywhere.  So you feel more uprooted and empty than ever.  Or you've found your true love and have hung your hopes and expectations on that person, only to discover he or she does not follow your directions to happiness.  It was all going to be so wonderful but somehow it's not.

I know it's a terrible cliché but we really can't find happiness outside of ourselves.  Only by loving, celebrating and accepting who we are can we be lastingly happy.  A delightful side effect that provides an additional perk is that as we learn to accept ourselves more the way we are, we also begin to accept other people more as they are.  And there is nothing more alluring than a person who accepts others as they are.  People will be drawn to you.


How to Become Unconditionally Self Accepting?

There are many tools of the trade of Unconditional Self Acceptance but the ultimate tool is 'Intention.'  Our intention is the rudder that determines the direction in which we travel.  Winds may blow us off course and continents may obstruct our path.  But if our intention is steady on heading north and we keep steering in that direction to the best of our ability, then we cannot fail to get there.  Especially since the Universe (God) will always support us in our intention (as long as it does not interfere with the free will of others).

In addition to having our 'Intention' set on Unconditional Self Acceptance, some deepening of our understanding about what that really means can also be very helpful.  That is what this site is 'intended' to provide.   (Pun intended! (Again.))


More about www.unconditional-self-acceptance.com.

This site is also a metaphysical site.  Some basic metaphysical understandings are useful, such as reincarnation, the omnipresence of spirit (God), etc.  I have through my own life experience discovered that it is impossible to learn anything unless we've already had the personal experience, in this or other lifetimes, to let us recognize that it's true when we hear or read it.

So this site is not about teaching you anything.  It is about awakening within what you already know to be true through your own life experience.  Therefore, it also is not necessarily crucial that the information on this site is always impeccably true - although I believe it is - because its purpose is not to teach or tell you the truth.  Its purpose is to awaken your own truth.   Let me give you an extremely simplified example:

Say you'd never even considered what color the sky was.   If I said, "the sky is blue," your own inner voice would probably echo that by saying, "yes, that is right, the sky is blue."  On the other hand, if I said, "the sky is green," your inner voice would most likely pipe up and say, "that's not right, the sky isn't green, it's blue."

Either way, you awaken to the realization that the sky is blue.  In the same way, whether the information you read on this site rings true to you or not...

www.unconditional-self-acceptance.com is here to awaken your own inner truth according to your soul's accumulated life experience.




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